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Dog Wool Balls
Dog Wool Balls

Dog Wool Balls

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“Don’t give a dog a bone, give them a wool ball”

  • Non-Toxic
  • Made for even the toughest chewers
  • Backyard biodegradable

Better than plastic or tennis balls, if you have dogs and wool balls, you probably know by now that they love to play with them. In fact, if one disappears, you might want to check their bed. Dogs like the feel in their mouth.

 We’re not making any promises but due to our balls being made of tightly felted wool, they are near impossible to tear apart. On the off chance your dog is able to eat some wool, no need to worry. We only use dye free, natural wool fibre so there’s no danger to your fur baby. 

Cruelty Free Sustainable Wool Sourcing 

We work with Wool Co-ops where the wool is milled locally meaning it has a minimal carbon footprint.  

We are careful to only source wool from farms that never practice mulesing. Most importantly, the sheep live free-range and are never exposed to chemicals including sheep dips. The sheep are raised for their wool, not to eat. 

Divine Coincidence?

What does DOG spell backwards.