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Our Wool

Our Wool

Sustainable Sourcing: 

  • Our wool dryer balls increases the sustainability of your laundry routine in a number of ways. They help cut down on electricity usage by improving the efficiency of your dryer. This happens through the loft they create in your dryer. By tumbling with your clothes they allow warm air to move between the fabrics causing them to dry faster. 
  • Dryer balls are also a natural and reusable fabric softener and static electricity reducing agent. Unlike conventional fabric softeners and dryer sheets, they are chemical-free and rely on their natural qualities to get the job done. The softness of the wool and their ability to maintain a consistently humid drying environment not only makes your clothes softer and less static-y but also can help to extend the life of your garments. Especially when used with a high quality and gentle laundry detergent.

Our Wool Sourcing:

  • At Moss Creek we are driven by quality and this extends to our wool suppliers. We use wool that has at most a 25 micron rating. The micron rating refers to the softness of the wool fibers. Softness is important both for the performance of the wool dryer ball but also in the felting stage of production. The better the micron rating the better the fiber will blend together when heated during felting. This is important as it prevents our balls from falling apart no matter how roughly your dryer treats them, allowing for hundreds of loads to be done with one set of dryer balls.
  • Due to the amount of wool we go through every month and our use of different coloured wool, our wool is sourced from a variety of suppliers. We have gotten wool from flocks in Europe, Farmers collectives in the Patagonia foothills of Uruguay and as close as the western United States. Regardless of the farms our wool is coming from we have a few standards we always hold them to. The number one being absolutely no mulesing. Museling is a cruel practice in which the parts of the skin of the sheep are cut away during the process of raising them. A second treatment standard we like to ensure is that the sheep are given adequate free range time outside of the barn. This helps to improve the quality of both the sheep’s life and the quality of their wool. We find the best way to ensure the treatment of the sheep and their fleeces is to simply ask questions. By educating ourselves and asking our suppliers questions we can ensure the wool that we get is coming from farm practices that we support well also showing the livestock industry that there is demand for more sustainable and ethically raised wool.