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Our Story

Our Story

Moss Creek Wool Works was born from a desire for a more sustainable life and a passion for quality products. Our roots can be traced back to Farmers and Craft markets. A true community-based company, our original production team was a group of stay-at-home parents crafting during school hours. With the expertise they shared we quickly learned that wool dryer ball making is both a science and an art. As our market tours continued, we started connecting with local stores who helped us reach further audiences. 

Once wool dryer balls started to gain traction we quickly realized it was time for a single production location and a full-time team of ball-making experts. Wool can be a finicky material. Learning to felt the dryer balls takes time and practice. Once that skill is mastered the learning doesn’t stop there. Each shipment of wool has its own personality and needs to be handled slightly differently than its predecessor. 

As a part of The Gentle Care Company family, we are constantly searching for new ways to help people elevate their home life. Essential oils were an obvious next step for Moss Creek as they provide a chemical-free scent to be added to the fabrics tumbling with our balls. We had been noticing our pets’ affinity for dryer ball playtime and thought adding a little catnip would make them all the more irresistible to our furry friends. And finally, we had always dreamed of using wool sourced a little closer to home. So we reached out to the Canadian Wool Growers Co-operative. They were more than happy to help, connecting us with local farmers working to restore the once lost but quickly growing practice of raising heritage sheep breeds for wool production rather than meat. Keep an eye out for the launch of our forthcoming Heritage line of dryer balls made out of Canadian wool.

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