Our story

“We're on a mission to encourage eco-friendly drying and eliminate toxic dryer sheets.”

Moss Creek Wool Works was born out of a desire for a more sustainable life and a passion for handmade products. Our roots trace back to Farmers Markets and Craft shows. A true community-based company, our original “production team" was a group of stay-at-home parents felting during school hours.

Soon we started to connect with local stores who helped us reach new consumers and wider markets. As wool dryer balls started to gain traction, we realized it was time to set up a workshop and a full-time team of Felters. Today, our wool dryer balls are sold across North America, Italy, UK, Sweden and even in Australia the home of Merino sheep.

Wool can be a finicky material and felting it combines both Science and Art. Once mastered, the learning doesn’t end as every batch of wool has its own personality and needs to be handled differently.

We try to use locally sourced wool and are always on the lookout for farms raising heritage sheep, bred for their wool rather than meat. If you are a wool producer with long fiber fleece or roving, we welcome the opportunity to use your wool.

Thank ewe for stopping by & happy sustainable drying.