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Wool Roving
Wool Roving
Wool Roving
Wool Roving
Wool Roving
Wool Roving

Wool Roving

Color White
Size 1/4 lb

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Feeling Crafty?

Wool roving is perfect for needle felting, as stuffing for quilts or homemade dolls. You can even make your own felted wool balls. If you have your own spinning wheel or drop spindle you can make your own yarn.

Available in White, Grey or Brown - these all-natural wool colours are never dyed. To add colour to your projects you can dye the white wool to any colour you like.

    Wool Specification:

    White: 25.5 micron - Superfine - it feels like Cashmere.
    Grey: 25.5 micron - made by blending 20% black with 80% white wool. Superfine - it feels like Lamb Wool.
    Brown: 27.5 micron - Fine - it feels like regular Sheep Wool.

      Sustainably Sourced:

      We only work with Wool Co-ops where the wool is milled locally meaning it has a minimal carbon footprint. The finest wool comes from regions with a cool climate and high altitude where the sheep are able to roam freely throughout the year. Our white wool comes from ranches in Montana and South Dakota while the coloured wools come from Patagonia and Europe. 

      Cruelty Free:

      We are careful to only source wool from farms that never practice mulesing. Most importantly, the sheep live free-range and are never exposed to chemicals including sheep dips. The sheep are raised for their wool and not bred to eat.